Tips for cleaning your hot tub

Tips for cleaning your hot tub


When soaking daily in your Healthy Living Hot Tub, it’s essential to keep your spa clean and functional. According to the water maintenance schedule, you should be testing your spa water before each use for proper sanitation levels. Be sure to adjust according to the test kit instructions.

Helpful tip:  Sustain sparkly clean spa water by rinsing before taking a dip, thus preventing detergent and soap residue from contaminating the hot tub.

Once a Week

You will need to add a sanitizer and shock chemicals to help maintain the water quality.

3 Times a Week

While checking for alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer make sure you follow all the instructions on your SpaBoss water treatment. If test readings indicate adjustments needed, correct it according to the test kit instructions.

Once a Month

Before using filter cleaner on your spa filter, check your Master Spa owners-manual. Some filters will require soaking over-night in filter cleaner then rinsed with water. Other filter need cleaning with only water. It is best to let your filter completely dry before re-inserting.

Do not turn on the pump without the filter or debris could be pulled up into the pump causing unwarranted damage. 

Every 180 Days

Drain and refill your spa with fresh, clean water. Afterward install a new Eco Pur Filter, then clean the regular filter, and last, of all, repeat the start-up procedure. A clean, healthy spa will require replacing the regular filter yearly.


Inspect the cover and cover lifter to make sure the hot tub cover is mounted correctly. Any bent components or crooked bars may result in difficulty while lifting the hot tub cover. Splits or cracks in the spa cover will possibly prevent s proper seal and release heat.

For a more energy efficient hot tub, you may wish to purchase a new Master Spa cover.

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