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Check out our Chemical Treatment Chart for a possible solution.

Copies of Master Spas Owners Manuals are available online in PDF format. Start here ➤


Check the control panel display for any messages.

If there is a message, refer to the diagnostic section on that model spa.

There you will find the meaning of the message and what action is to be taken.

If there is no message on your control panel, check and reset the GFCI and house breaker.

The GFCI should be located in a weatherproof box close to the spa, but no closer than 5 ft.

If the spa does not respond, contact your local service company.

Press the “Jets” button on your control panel. If you hear the pumps trying to operate:

Check that all the slice valves are open.Pump may need to be primed.

Check that the air controls are open.If you do not hear anything from the pump, contact your local service company.

Make sure pump is operating.

Check that the water level is adequate (up to minimum safe water level side).

Make sure the jets are open and the air controls are open.

Check for dirty filters. Clean if necessary.