A hot tub can help with the common cold.

A hot tub can help with the common cold.

Master Spas hot tubs offer a variety of benefits for optimal health and well-being.  Most are familiar with the therapeutic advantages of physical and emotional stress.

But, what about the common cold?

Unfortunately, we all know the symptom too well.  A scratchy throat, sneezing, coughing, accompanied by a fever.  And so, you grab the box of tissue, make some chicken noodle soup, and climb in bed with Netflix.

Next time you find yourself with a common cold follow these simple steps.

Make sure your hot tub is clean.

Since your immune system is already low, you want to make sure the spa water is clean. Explicitly checking the chemicals are balanced, and the sanitation levels are correct.

You may feel a little uncomfortable at first until your body becomes accustomed to the temperature. Now that you’re Clarity Spa is clean sit back and relax while the soothing water does its job.

Increased body temperature

Fevers are our body’s way of defending itself from all those contagious bugs or viruses. Did you know soaking in the hot tub increases your body’s temperature helping your immune system fight off that nasty cold? When the water raises your body temperature, you’ll start sweating out that unwanted bug.

Don’t forget to blow your nose.

Your nose will probably fill up with an excessive amount of mucus. Make sure you blow your nose and purge that unwanted junk. In fact, some suggest sitting in the hot tub every few hours for 20-minute intervals to speed up the healing time.

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated. Your body will be expelling fluids as you sweat so make sure you stay replenished.


I’d love to hear your tips on using your hot tub to fight a cold or the flu. Post in our comments section below.

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