Everything you need to know about hot tub chemistry

Everything you need to know about hot tub chemistry

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So, you bought yourself a Healthy Living Hot Tub. You’re enjoying the soothing warm massages and relaxing in the evenings with a refreshing sweet drink.

But now you’re wondering how to keep your spa water sparkling clean. Hot tub Chemistry. Sounds a little bit scary, doesn’t it?  Rest assured -no chemistry major needed for the job. Caring for your spa doesn’t have to be overwhelming, as long as you have the instructions, right chemicals, and accessories on hand.

Ph, alkalinity, and sanitizer

Why sanitizers?  Sanitizers kill the icky bacteria that grows in the warm water.

Why testing my pH? To make sure your spa water is not too alkaline or too acidic.

Why testing alkalinity? Controlling the alkalinity can help keep your pH in the appropriate range. 

Hot Tub & Spa Testing Guide

  1. Ph levels 7.2 - 7.8
  2. Alkalinity 80 – 120
  3. Sanitizer 1.5 3.0 (chlorine) or 3.0 5.0 (bromine)
  4. Amount of organic material in the water

Hot Tub & Spa Cleaning Supplies

  1. Testing strips
  2. Alkalinity adjuster
  3. Sanitizer and shock chemicals
  4. pH adjuster

Testing Instructions

  1. Dip 1 test strip
  2. Wait according to instructions on the kit
  3. Compare the colors swatches on the stick to the color swatches test kit.

While checking for alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer make sure you follow all the instructions on your home test kit.

  • If test readings indicate adjustments needed, correct it according to the test kit instructions.
  • By chance, more than one chemical is out of balance, only correct one issue at a time waiting several hours before administering more compounds.
  • Be sure to test again before adding additional chemicals, making sure further treatment are needed.

Continue shocking your hot tub & spa weekly, therefore removing all the icky organics and contaminants from the spa water.  When the spa water is sparkly clean, there is nothing better than relaxing in your Master Spas hot tub from Leisure Works.

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