Thinking about putting you pet in your hot tub?

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Let's cut to the chase. hot tubbing with man’s best friend isn't such a good idea, although you’ll find plenty of photos online of dogs splashing around. The photos you see typically show dogs in therapy, in water that's a safe temperature for dogs, in tubs designed for animals.

Now, cats. While there are a few, rare cats out there that enjoy taking a bath or playing in the water, the recommendation is straightforward. Keep kitty out of the hot tub.

We know it's tempting to indulge your furry friends in some hot tub fun - after all, you love it. Why wouldn't they? But the truth is, it can be dangerous for your pets, and makes a hairy mess out of your hot tub.

Health Concerns

One of the biggest safety concerns is the hot tub temperature. We find the water comfortable and relaxing; however, our loving and loyal companions can’t sweat. Therefore, they will quickly overheat and may suffer from high blood pressure or dehydration. This can affect your pets’ vital organs and they can potentially suffer from a heat stroke or even be at risk of death.

Spa Water

If you bring your pet into the hot tub, you need to consider the spa water. Even if you bathe your pet on a regular basis and keep him indoors, all the debris and dust caught in their coat will pollute your spa water. All that dirt, grime and animal hair will tax your hot tub filter.

Hot Tub Damage

If you allow your dogs or cats to lounge on or in your hot tub, they can cause damage with their claws. Because your dog or cat’s first instinct will be to claw and scratch when immersed in water, they may cause significant damage to the hot tub surface or other parts of the spa.

Also, consider the risks and side effects from the hot tub sanitizer on these furry little critters. Their skin or eyes could be irritated, or they could suffer ill effects from drinking the spa water.

The best solution? Designate your hot tub a "people-only zone" and purchase a kiddie pool for your water-loving friends.

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