How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub All Year Long

From relaxation to entertainment, you can enjoy your spa in many ways. Nothing is better than soaking in the comfort of your own home after a long, stressful day at work or kicking back with your friends. In fact, since the Roman times, hot water bathing has been a cultural tradition.

Master Spas Hot Tub & Swim Spa Authority has a variety of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas. Both create comprehensive therapeutic benefits that offer physical and emotional stress relief which bring healing to your body.

When you’ve been enjoying the soothing warm massages while relaxing during the cold winter evenings, you can’t imagine a night without your nightly hydrotherapy.

So, when is it best to soak in a hot tub; summer, spring, summer or fall?

Hot tub summer fun! Doesn’t sound possible, but some enjoy the hot tub more during the summer. On warm days reduce the temperature between 85-94 degrees, thus allowing the water to cool down.  Or, turn the heater off. When striving to retain the refreshingly cold water, keep the hot tub cover on anytime it’s not in use. Since the hot tub is insulated, the water will remain cool on hot summer days.

Family Fun!

Children are splashing and playing in the water for hours at a time. As a hot tub is cold, they will be thrilled to have a mini pool. Be sure to use sunblock while playing in the water to prevent sun burning. Be sure to drink lots of fresh water to quench the thirst and stay hydrated.

Even though you enjoy splashing around in a refreshing hot tub during the day, consider turning the temperature back up during the night for a little hydrotherapy. Thus, ending the day refreshed, relaxed and limber, and a way to sleep better.A few minor modifications, with your hot tub and you can you can get maximum enjoyment all year around.

Dual temperature model -H2X line, say what?

A dual temperature swim spa with two bodies of water, yes, you heard me right. One offers the warm bubbly hot tub experience we’ve all come to love with hydrotherapy, and the other one provides a more cooling pool experience for exercise or old fashion water play.

A hot tub and spa combined with all the benefits of both worlds, plus endless options for family fun. If you’re trying to decide between a pool or spa, check out How a Swim spa is better than a pool.

Every-day is the best-day for a soak or a plunge in the H2X Trainer Swim Spa by Master Spas; summer, spring, summer or fall!



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