How Did Michael Phelps Train for the Olympics?

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Phelps has been training and competing in the pool most of his life, he made his Olympic debut at the age of 15 and is one of the greatest swimmers of today. When he revealed the particulars of his hardcore workouts and calorie intake -up to 12, 000 per day, his training and eating routine became legendary in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Olympic swim training.

  • Warm-ups: jackknife crunches, three sets of 20, push-ups, three sets of 25-35, and
  • bodyweight squats, three sets of 25
  • Begin in the pool:  50-meter drills, using a kickboard isolating the upper or lower body on different laps
  • Moderate intensity: swim distances of 50m, 100m, 150m, and 200m - resting for 30 seconds in-between each interval.
  • High intensity: swim distance of 200m, 150m, 100m, and 50m – resting for 30 seconds in- between each interval.
  • Cool-down: 12 laps of pool buoy between your legs, breath four times per lap, then five laps alternating in-between a sprint and a relaxed pace.

 He spent his days in the pool or bed.

He learned the importance of sleep to swim seven days a week, early on in his career. So, Phelps spent his days in the pool or bed; sleeping eight hours a night, with a two to three-hour nap each afternoon.

The Habits of this fantastic Powerhouse.

  • Michael wrote all his goals down and kept them on his nightstand.
  • Can’t wasn't an option.
  • Sacrifices a lot, swimming seven days a week doesn’t leave much time for anything else.
  • Staying Positive and motivated, even when others made discouraging remarks.
  • Stays his own-lane, focusing on himself.

 One-lap at a time.

Although most of his peers were years younger than him, Phelps dominated in Rio because of remarkable commitment and demanding training regimen.  His grueling schedule was indeed a testament to his extraordinary physical gifts! Michael finished his career with 28 medals, 23 them of them gold.

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