Family Fun in a Hot Tub


When looking for new ways to spend time with your family, hot tubbing should be at the top of your list. So, gather the family around the hot tub and play some family games that everyone will enjoy, from young to old.

With all the distractions and busy schedules; such as mom and dad at work or the kids' multiple activities, there doesn’t appear to be enough hours in the day for a little family time.

Let’s explore some of the many ways a hot tub can help create beautiful memories with your family.

Family Game Night, you’ll love it!

Since we live in a time of individual and solitary activity, it’s becoming more common for everyone to have different interests. Especially with all the social media and electronics, family time is turning out to be less and less. In fact, many families no longer experience table talk around the kitchen or share a TV night.

By having fun in the spa or simply soaking with your family is the perfect way to reconnect and relax with loved ones. Spa night can be a regular family event with these fun activities:

  • Floating board games: Chess or Checkers
  • Waterproof playing cards: Uno or Poker
  • Musical Jets

You can also find more water-friendly games in Master Spas Hot Tub Game Guide.

Tonight, let it be other Family Night ideas.

This game is fun and straightforward, don’t let the duck touch you! Buy a dozen rubber ducks and toss them in the hot tub. Don’t allow any part of your body to come in contact with a duck. If it does, you’re out. The last person sitting in the spa is the winner.

Backyard movie night is amongst a family favorite. All you’ll need is a big screen television outside, rent a projector, or hang a sheet and watch a movie on the side of the house. Serve popcorn, soda pop, and grab some melt in your mouth M&M’s. Enjoy!

Family hot tub nights are just the beginning of the many enjoyable benefits of Leisure Worksthe larges Master Spas dealer in Michigan. Visit your local hot tub dealer today!

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