Benefits of Pediatric Aquatic Therapy

Benefits of Pediatric Aquatic Therapy

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Doctors and physical therapists have been using aqua therapy with adults for years. The benefits are incredible and the drawbacks are few. Nearly all of the benefits for adults are beneficial for children too.

Aqua therapy is fun

One of the biggest benefits of aqua therapy for children is that it is fun! Traditional therapy sessions can be long and boring, making it difficult for children to stay interested. Most children love swimming, so they will naturally be more excited and willing to participate when their therapy is moved to the water.

Aqua therapy reduces pain

Unfortunately, there is usually an element of discomfort when it comes to therapy. For children that can be even more of a challenge because they have a hard time seeing pain as beneficial. Completing the therapy in water naturally reduces the amount of pressure on their muscles and joints, which equals less pain. This usually allows for more progress to be made during a therapy session.

Aqua therapy builds muscle and strength

Water resistance is a great way to build strength. Water naturally provides resistance for the muscles. Using a Michael Phelps Swim Spa also allows you to increase the level of resistance when needed for added benefit. There are also water weights and other types of equipment that can be added to the therapy so the child is working at the perfect level for them.

Water therapy increases mobility

Many children who need therapy have some level of decreased mobility. The water is an ideal place for them to explore an increased range of motion. With less resistance, they can not only move easier, but there is less risk of injury while exploring new movements.

These are just a few of the many benefits children can experience from aqua therapy. If you have a child in your life that could benefit from aqua therapy, come visit us at Leisure Works to see the complete line of Michael Phelps Swim Spas. MP Swim Spas are designed for maximum fitness. You and your children will all enjoy amazing benefits of owning your own swim spa.

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