Swim Spas - Train Anytime, In Any Climate!

Swim Spas - Train Anytime, In Any Climate!

Unless you’re a member of your local Polar Bears Swimming Club chapter, you likely don’t find an ice cold outdoor pool very inviting...

This time of year, outdoor pools are covered and closed - a drag for swimmers.

There’s a way you die hard, but cold weary swimmers can enjoy your favorite exercise activity year round - in comfort!

Come on into Leisure Works and test out a Michael Phelps Master Spas Swim Spa.

These swim spas can be installed where pools can’t, are easy to maintain, and provide such a quality training experience that the king of swimming himself, Michael Phelps, is proud to put his name on them… but there’s more!

Master Spas swim spas double as recovery and relaxation hot tubs! Spend some time during your mornings or evenings working out and working on your stroke technique. Follow that up with a soothing hydro-massage - instantly!

Taking a day off from your workout routine? Jump in the swim spa and activate that hydrotherapy massage again. Heck, grab a glass of wine or your favorite IPA and invite friends and family to join you in comfort and conversation!

If you’re a swimmer and healthy living is your priority, a swim spa is a must have. Swim spas are perfect for your swim training, excellent for a multitude of no impact exercises, and renowned for their recovery and relaxation benefits.

Whether you’re an up and coming swimmer or rower (yes they have attachments for that), an individual requiring no impact exercise - anyone on the planet really - you will benefit physically and mentally from regular swim spa workouts, post-workout hydro-massage sessions, or just plain old soaking and shooting the breeze with friends and family - Anytime of year, In Any climate, comfortably!

Ready to take the plunge? Come visit us in Ann Arbor or Novi and take a test swim!

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