My water conditions aren't right, what chemicals should I use?

Symptoms Cause Solution
Cloudy Water Excessive organic contaminants or lack of sanitizer Shock treat with non-chlorine shock and adjust sanitizer level
Dissolved chemical solids Use clarifier to help remove small particles
pH balance or total alkalinity is incorrect Test total alkalinity and pH. Correct with pH increaser or pH decreaser.
Calcium too high (hard water) Use a sequestering agent weekly. Replace some water with softer water.
Dirty filter Clean filter with filter cartridge cleaner.
Chalky, white
scale deposits
Mineral deposits in water Use a sequestering agent. Check water balance and adjust as necessary.
Clear green water High iron or copper content Use a sequestering agent
Cloudy green water Low alkalinity level Use pH increaser
low sanitizer level Test sanitizer level, shock with 
non-chlorine shock
Brown water High iron or manganese level Use a sequestering agent
Chlorine odor Chloramines (combined chlorine level) is high. Shock with non-chlorine shock
Eye/skin irritation Organic contaminants, chloramines, or pH out of balance Shock with non-chlorine shock. 
Test and adjust pH level.
Foaming High concentration of chemicals due to evaporation and build-up of body oils, cosmetics and other contaminants Use foam reducer. Shock treat with non-chlorine shock. Use enzyme reducer weekly as part of regular maintenance
Pitting of metal fixtures pH too low Test and adjust pH and total 
alkalinity by adding pH up.
Total alkalinity too low

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