What should I know about installing a hot tub indoors?

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Most Clarity Spas owners choose to install their hot tubs outdoors; however, there are many circumstances where an indoor spa or hot tub would be preferable. For example, an indoor hot tub is the perfect way to complete a sunroom or enclosed patio for privacy and relaxation all year long. Plus, by putting a hot tub indoors, you will find more solitude from nearby neighbors.

Keep in mind a hot tub requires a well-ventilated area; therefore, an indoor hot tub must have proper ventilation to circulate the warm moist air. If you're considering installing an indoor hot tub, check out the following tips for creating your indoor at-home spa-room.

Proper Ventilation

A contractor can help you prepare your hot tub with the proper ventilation, directing the humidity and chemical smells away from your home. This plus a robust, quiet fan, helps keep the room comfortable and prevents damage. 

Indoor Housing

Since your hot tub will fill with steam depending on the length of your soak or how long the cover remains off, you will want a room made from materials that are sturdy and designed for humidity and vapor such as cement walls, glass enclosures, or tiles.

Also, be sure to have the flooring or spa surface inspected to ensure it will support the weight of your indoor hot tub or spa.

Bear in mind, most spas fit comfortably in a sunroom or garage, but not always through a regular doorway. If you're building a new structure for your spa-room, installing French doors will allow plenty of space for moving your spa indoors.  Always check the measurements before investing in your Healthy Living Master Spa to ensure the best fit.

Water Source & Drainage

Because you'll be filling and draining your hot tub a couple of times a year, you'll need easy access to water and the appropriate tools for emptying your spa. It’s also a good idea to have a hose long enough to reach the desired area to drain the water.

Indoor Hot Tub Perks:

  1. Privacy: Relaxation and comfort inside the privacy of your home.
  2. Less maintenance: It stays cleaner, away from outdoor debris.
  3. Year-round accessibility: Even in the rain or snow, a warm soak is just a few steps away.

If you hire a contractor for your indoor spa installation, you'll likely save money by avoiding costly repairs down the road. For more information about installing a hot tub indoors, contact Leisure Works.

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