Vacation or hot tub?

According to one study, people are at their happiest when surrounded by quality relationships. Therefore, many break the bank trying to create the perfect family vacation. The typical family holiday is only 1 -2 weeks a year, although they do build incredible memories for a lifetime.

Different from a vacation you’ll only experience for a week or two, your hot tub will provide years of memories and entertainment, all in the comfort of your backyard.

This year ditch the stress of travel, layovers, crowds, and hotel frustration with a new Master Spa from Leisure Works. Moreover, start building quality relationships and happiness on a daily or weekly basis.

Why investing in a hot tub creates the ultimate stay-vacation?

Enjoyment and Frequency

Unlike a one to two-week yearly vacation, you can hot tub daily or as often as you want. A high-quality hot tub will typically last 15 – 20 years with proper maintenance and care.

Health & Well-being

Although vacations are fantastic for fun and relaxation, they're only for a short duration and over quickly. Whereas dipping into your Master Spa is available daily or weekly. The opportunity for relaxing and reconnecting with family and friends is limitless. 

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Since vacations usually have an out-of-pocket cost for all those participating, many loved ones will not get to share this astounding experience. With a Master Spa, you have the opportunity to invite family and friends over as often as you like without the added expense. Plus, it’s a fun way to talk in a relaxing, natural setting.

Table Talk Conversation

Often on vacation, the kids are plugged into their headphones or continuously texting. However, when hot tubbing it’s challenging to bring a smartphone or tablet into the hot tub. With the sounds of the soothing bubbles or an enchanting waterfall, soakers begin relaxing and reconnecting with meaningful conversations.

When creating the ultimate stay-vacation in your backyard, the Twilight Series by Master Spas comes in a variety of sizes. Because it accommodates 5-6 people comfortably, it’s perfect for house guests or family get-togethers. Come and visit a Leisure Works Showroom near you!

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