Use Your Hot Tub to Connect with your Teen

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As a parent of busy teenagers, it’s not always easy to stay connected during the hustle and bustle of life. However, making family time a priority should be at the top of the list. Communication is the key, whether talking face to face or sitting side by side. Otherwise, your tight-knit family may begin to unravel with all the busy schedules. Effective communication seems simple enough, but it does take effort.

With these 3 simple tips, you can use your hot tub to connect with your teens.

Unplug & Reconnect

Because of all the distractions, it’s becoming difficult to have a face to face conversation. We need to unplug and go back to table talk where everyone looks at each other with full attention, unlike today. Most are fiddling on their phone or tablet, no eye contact and partially listening while focusing on some sort of gadget. Instead, enjoy a night in your Clarity Spa by Master Spas relaxing and engaging in the old fashion way of communication.

Keep it Simple & Fun!

When immersed in the warm water, you should begin to relax both physically and mentally. Keep it simple and let the hot tub do its magic, or else a forced conversation may feel more like a conference room or lecture.  As important as a face to face conversation is, quiet time shoulder to shoulder is okay too. A family that spas together, bonds together.

A Gathering Place

By opening up your Master Spa, you’re creating a safe gathering place for your teens, family, and friends. With customizable jets and water features, a hot tub is the ideal setting for quality time getting to know your teen's friends. As we connect and share safe experiences, we build trust and relationships for a lifetime.

Your backyard spa is the perfect place for family and friends to come and relax while enjoying quality time together without the distractions of electronics. At Leisure Works, we can help you build your backyard dreams and reconnect with your teens.

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