Upgrade your cover to a cover lifter

Upgrade your cover to a cover lifter

We all know that keeping the cover on your hot tub is very important for keeping heat in and debris out. The inconvenience of removing the cover may also be keeping you out of your own hot tub. Covers are large and often difficult to remove on your own. Surely there's a solution...

Upgrading to a cover lifter will not only save your back, but will also give you more time in your hot tub.

Cover lifters take the work out of removing your cover. It holds the cover safely out of the way until you are ready to easily lower it back on your hot tub. The system is better for you, as you don’t have any lifting to do, and it is better for your cover because it is not getting the extra wear and tear associated with pulling or dragging the cover. Saving the wear and tear on your cover will save you money in the long run by prolonging its life.

Three main types of cover lifters:

  • Hydraulic lift-assisted
  • Manual pivot
  • Shelf style

The style you choose will largely be determined by the shape and type of hot tub you have.

Mounting options:

  • Top mounts
  • Bottom mounts
  • Under mounts
  • Side mounts

All available options depend on the type of hot tub you have and how much space you have in the area that the lifter will be installed. The smaller your space, the more streamline your cover will need to be and the more costly your cover lifter will be. Most cover lifters are affordable for any budget.

No matter which style or mount you choose, you will not regret investing in a cover lifter. Knowing that you don’t have to hassle with the cover will lead to more days relaxing in your hot tub and more enjoyment from your investment.

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