Tips before you buy a hot tub

If you’re ready to improve your physical fitness and well-being, the Master Spa Hot Tub & Swim Spa Authority has the deal for you. Because we know the Master Spas hot tub and swim spa inside and out, your shopping experience will go smoothly and hassle-free.

Before you make the plunge, we put together four hot tub tips.

Hot Tub Location

When you’re ready to buy a hot tub, the whereabouts will be your most significant decision, therefore, don’t take it lightly - location is everything!  Before housing your new spa, you’ll need adequate space, a secure, sturdy foundation, and electrical access.

Things to consider before soaking. How far will you travel before climbing in the tub? You won't want to walk too far on a cold winter night, dripping wet. With that in mind, consider all four seasons before choosing your location.

Because your hot tub will be a big part of your outdoor living, try to plan accordingly. For instance, transforming the hot tub into an extension of your landscaping and outdoor decorations.

Stop by a Showroom

When trying to compare multiple hot tubs, test-soak all of your favorite contenders. Preferably on the same day, seeking all the different seat positions and jet massages.  The only thing left to do is schedule a test-soak. We provide the tubs, and you bring the swimsuit and towel. Happy Soaking!

Making the Plunge

Don’t get soaked with all the distractions of all the latest and greatest hot tub features. Do your homework and choose a trustworthy and reliable dealer before investing.  Initially, do your research online, read the brochures, reviews, and ask for references.

Preferably choose a dealer that employs hot tub owners, that way you can hear first-hand from their personal experiences about their hot-tubbing lifestyle.

Shopping online is an excellent place to start, but you need to touch, see, and experience before purchasing. It's much like trying to describe the taste of Grandma's fresh-baked banana bread; you must experience the deliciousness to understand fully!

Buying from a reputable dealer

Look for certified spa dealers who will be honest, stress-free, and forthright. Because you're building a relationship with your spa dealer, choose wisely seeing as your relationship will be throughout the life of your spa.

If buying from a reputable dealer, upon request, they can provide references in your area. Be sure to ask about the brand of hot tubs and the quality of their customer service.

When you're ready to buy a hot tub, Leisure Works can answer all your questions. Stop by one of our showrooms today!

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