Less TV - More Hot Tub

Less TV - More Hot Tub

Most of what we see on television today is a drag.

Bad news

Bad shows

Bad for the kids


You endure enough drama on a daily basis. Don’t turn on the television, set down on your ergonomically offensive couch, and subject yourself to more stress at home!

We suggest you end your evenings with something that will leave you feeling good! Nothing feels better at the end of a long day than a good hot tub soak in a Master Spas hot tub.

Enjoy the solitude of your hot tub alone and stargaze while your muscle tension is relieved by the massaging action of the hydrotherapy jets - Or, invite friends and family to join you for conversation, cocktails, and comforting hydromassage.

Your nightly spa sessions will prime you for proper sleep, improving your overall well-being. Compare that to the other option - bombardment from blue light, positivity killing cable news, and horribly written shows. That way leads to poor sleep, if any!

The choice is clear…

Hot tubs are great places to begin your day too! Take your coffee into the hot tub and treat yourself before you leave the comfort of your home! Drinking coffee in front of the television will only shorten your valuable, pre-commute personal time and it sure as heck won’t give you a massage. Don’t you want a massage every morning before work?

Come on down to Leisure Works this week. We’ll be glad to demo our Industry leading, American made, Michael Phelps' endorsed spas for you. In fact, contact us ahead of time to schedule a test soak!

We will save you money on Master Spas parts, filters, hot tubs, and swim spas.

Rest assured, we provide all of our customers with 24/7 tech support!

So turn off the television, close your browser, and give us a call.

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