Hot tubs/hydrotherapy for autism/sensory conditions

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Hot tub therapy helps children with severe childhood illnesses and muscle conditions. For those who have diabetes and other afflictions, there is strong evidence suggesting benefits from soaking in soothing, warm hot tub water on the human body and brain.

For that reason, hot tub-play can be therapeutic for children. As a result of these fantastic benefits many hospitals and therapy centers now include hot tub time in their treatment plans.

Early intervention is critical in the treatment of autism or other childhood ailments, therefore always consult with your doctor about any health concerns or treatments.

Let's take a peek at the benefits of hot tubs, hydrotherapy and autism, and other sensory conditions.

Autism: Hydrotherapy has been very beneficial for the sensory processing of individuals with autism.

Sadly, autistic children tend to have a difficult time staying focused and suffer from sensory overload, however, the calming warm water allows the autistic child the opportunity to interact with other children.

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis: Those who have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis are finding relief from inflammation and muscle weakness. The aquatic therapy and buoyancy help support a wider-range of motion while the water resistance helps muscle strength. The hot tub jet turbulence assists with balance and helps boost endurance during physical fitness activities.

Cerebral Palsy: As the water helps support cerebral palsy patients with standing, walking, and retaining a better balance. Many have found the warm water and jets help loosen muscles and alleviate pain.

Brittle Bones: For those whose bones break easily from osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), can safely exercise in the water. Plus, the therapy strengthens their muscles and improves mobility and motor skills.

Scoliosis: Because of the buoyancy and resistance of water, many are experiencing stronger muscles on the week side of the curved spine and improvement in the body's alignment.

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