Difference Between a Hot Tub and Jacuzzi?

Difference Between a Hot Tub and Jacuzzi?

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Have you ever been down south and asked for a “soda” when out to eat? You may have received several odd looks before anyone caught on that you wanted a “Coke.” Then they might ask you which kind you wanted, when you got the impression that was already determined by “Coke.” Now suddenly everyone seems confused.

Sometimes, brand name saturation takes over an industry, such as “Coke” -- which is actually a brand of soda -- encompassing all brands of soda when used in the south. Such is the case with Jacuzzi, which is not its own industry separate from hot tubs, but in fact, a single manufacturer in the hot tub industry.

Did we just blow your mind?

A clearer picture of how Jacuzzi fits into the grand scheme of things is to think about what a pick-up truck looks like. You have a general picture in your head, correct? Now, when you think of specific brands like Dodge, Chevy and Ford, you can distinguish some characteristics specific to those brands, but they’re still all trucks.

Ford is to truck as Jacuzzi is to hot tub.

So, as you’re in the market for a hot tub, don’t let brand name saturation limit you to only one manufacturer and deter you from finding the best option for your needs and budget. At Leisure Works, we’ve done our research and chosen what we believe to be one of the best hot tub manufacturers in the industry: Master Spas. We carry the Master Spas Clarity hot tub line, Healthy Living models, the Michael Phelps Legends Series and, of course, Twilight Series.

Master Spas in an award-winning manufacturer and with good reason. It is their top priority to provide hot tubs with ergonomically designed seating, the patented MasterForce Biomagnetic Therapy, and the Eco Pur Filtration System. We feel the quality behind a Master Spas hot tub is unmatched, but we also want you to investigate for yourself and find what suits you best.

While you research for the best hot tub manufacturer for your needs, we’d like to make ourselves available to answer any questions about the Master Spas line. Come by our showroom and see them for yourself. Just don’t limit yourself to one option simply because it’s a name you recognize. Find what works best for you; after all, a hot tub is an important purchase!

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