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H2X Swim Spas


H2X and MP Swim Spa Combo Pak

The Master Spas Filter with Microban and Eco Pur Mineral Cartridge used in H2X and Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas, bundled together in a convenient Combo Pak. Combo Pak includes one Swim Spa Filter Cartridge (part # X265010) which has a blue fabric color with PWW50 embossed on top of filter, and one Swim Spa Eco Pur Cartridge (part # X268045). The mineral cartridge contains sanitizing minerals, and has a charcoal colored fabric. "PWW50" is also embossed on the filter top.

New production comes with white filtration media as opposed to blue filtration media.

Part # COMBOSWIM Specifications:

Series: H2X / MPSwim
Description: Swim Spa Combo Pak
Model Years: 2008-Current
Replacement parts from the manufacturer guarantee an exact fit and match, and are the best quality replacements available.