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Master Spas


Clarity & Healthy Living Combo Pak Charge

Original Equipment Master Spas Filter Combo Pak. This set includes the two filters needed for all Clarity Spas & Healthy Living Hot Tubs from 2017 to current, and is also used with the triangle shaped Twilight Series TS240. Includes:
  • (1) Original Equipment Master Spas Eco Pur Charge Filter Cartridge X268532.Eco Pur Charge is orange in color and has Master Spas PMA - EPR embossed on the bottom of the filter.
  • (1) Clarity & Healthy Living Outer Filter with Orange Receptacle X268548.This outer filter has an orange Eco Pur Charge receptacle on the top of the filter, and is embossed with "Master Spas PMA-R3 / X268548".
Replacement parts from the manufacturer guarantee an exact fit and match, and are the best quality replacements available.